One Triathlete's Journey

Triathlon Never Gets Easier

I thought the top athletes in our sport are somehow gifted. Not so much for the results they achieve, because they’ve obviously been training something all their lives, but for the ease with which they endure long races—70.3s and full IronMans. Turns out I was wrong.

Intervals on the Elliptical Machine

I got injured. Again, I know. It’s a different leg part this time, though. And while recovering, I’m trying out a new approach to maintaining, perhaps even building fitness, by doing intervals on the elliptical machine.

Biegnij Warszawo 2017 Race Recap

Woohoo! Strava tells me this was my best 10K result ever. That’s probably true, but it was also the first time I finished this distance without any issues. No bonk, no colic, no dehydration, and solid form throughout. Even the climb on Spacerowa Str. wasn’t that big a deal.

Strava Should Do Better Than Athlete Posts

Strava is transitioning, from one-of-many sports apps into the world’s first, proper social network for athletes. I find that very welcome, but the way they’re trying to get there—by inviting random content, marketed as Athlete Posts—is just copying what every other social network does already. It won’t help them build a feasible product.